Your Project Status

Chevrolet C10 Mechanical Restoration & Modification


Project scope remains on track, consistent with August discussions. No significant changes or issues to report.


Project budget is OK. Project cost is in line with the overall estimate and August discussions on engine choice, but we will see an overage with final labor and requested changes


Project schedule is on track.

Overall Status



As planned engine and transmission installation is complete. Next up is measuring/planning for the serpentine belt system and procurement of it. We will also identify instrument cluster replacement options and look to procure rear brakes. AC system will follow and be installed with cluster and wiring harness once they are available. Shifter assembly procurement was delayed as further research was required. Keeping overall status as ‘yellow’ due to unknown final pricing on some items that may have budget impact.

Progress Since Last Report

  • Engine installed
  • Transmission installed


  • Installation radiator and fan
  • Headers installation
  • AC system installation
  • Shifter assembly procurement 
  • Determining belt and fuel system needed

Project Scope

Engine, transmission, air conditioning (Classic Auto Air) , and wiring.

GM Performance crate 427. 6L80 automatic transmission, ECU, torque converter. Wood bed slats.

Scope Changes

  • October 2021 – Added installation of wood bed slats ($TBD)
  • November 2021 – Added installation of rear break system and emergency brake ($TBD)
  • November 2021 – Replace instrument cluster to be LS7 compatible ($TBD)

Budget Status

$ 1 K*
$ 1 K
$ 35 K

Retainer Balance: ($2,792.40)

Please make an additional deposit of $7,500 to cover the current balance and planned December purchases including the belt system and instrument cluster. * Budget does not include TBD scope changes.


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Status History

End of December 2021 Status


Many other parts received including the AC system, radiator, heads and fan. Next up will be engine installation. Overall we are on track, but marking as “Yellow” this month to highlight approximate $5K budget variance to original plan.

  • Headers received
  • Radiator with fan received
  • Direct fit AC system with vents received

End of September 2021 Status


Engine, transmission, and installation kit have been received. Headers and radiator with  fan have been ordered. We are awaiting the headers and fan which are in production. We are in the process of determining the fuel and belt systems needed. 

  • Engine installation kit received
  • Engine and transmission received
  • Direct fit AC with custom AC vents ordered
  • Headers and fan are in production