Your Project Status

Engine, Transmission, & Exhaust Awesome


Project scope remains on track. No significant changes or issues to report.


Project cost is creeping higher than expected. Now may be $30K - $35K.


Project schedule is on track. Current completion is estimated in February.

Overall Status



There was excellent progress in December with a significant amount of work getting done. The old engine and transmission were removed and the new setup installed. There remain a large nubmer of small things to do. We are paused for the moment waiting for final parts that had to be ordered after intial fittment.

Marking the project as Yellow since project costs are higher than expected due ot the amount of fabrication needed to make everything work together and some unexpected parts costs. Project is now estimated at $30K to $35K depending on if there are any other variances.

Baring any unforseen delays we belive the vehicle will go to the exhaust shop in late January or early February and will be tuned shortly after that.

Progress Since Last Report

  • Removed old engine and transmission
  • Installed new engine and transmission
  • Installed serpitiene belt system
  • installed exhaust headers
  • Fabricated brackets for radiator hold down
  • Installed new battery
  • Fabricated battery cables
  • Fabricated spark plug wires
  • Installed new compact starter 


  • Fabricate A/C lines
  • Fabricate fuel lines
  • Fabricate transmission lines
  • Source throttle/kickdown bracket
  • Install new U-Joints on drive shaft
  • Replace fan motor
  • Setup PCV system
  • Exhaust system
  • Tuning

Project Scope

We are installing a GM Blueprint 383 with 450HP and a matching transmission/torque converter. A custom exhaust and headers are also in scope. Also an upgraded radiator.

Image represents initial estimate. Actual invoiced items may vary.

Budget Status

$ 1 K
$ 1 K
$ 27 K

Please Make an Additional deposit of $5K any time before January 15th. Thanks!

Retainer Balance: ($2,173.72)


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