Your Project Status

Jaguar XJS Mechanical


Project scope remains on track. No significant changes or issues to report. One new issue with gas tank rust.


Project budget was impacted by gas tank rust issue. More information below.


Project schedule is on track. Work has restarted and we are assessing final tasks.

Overall Status



Completed all engine and ignition tasks. Installed exhaust system. Fuel tank reconditioned and fuel pump installed. Startup pending final installation of fuel tank which is expected by mid-December.

Note: Overall status percentage excludes TBD interior work.


Progress Since Last Report

  • Ignition components installed
  • Exhaust downpipes, tips, mufflers, installed
  • Fuel tank reconditioned
  • Fuel pump installed


  • Fuel tank installation
  • Engine testing and tuning
  • Convertable top testing and configuration
  • Interior work TBD

Project Scope

  • Mechanical restoration of 1989 Jaguar XJS. 
  • Front and rear suspension system rebuild
  • Front and rear brake rebuild
  • Ignition system conversion
  • Reseal of top half engine
  • Updated AC system
  • Replace exhaust system
  • Convertable top mechanical repair and fabric replacement
  • Interior work TBD
  • Replacement wheel procurement and reconditioning
November 2021
  • Discovered significant rust in fuel tank prior to engine startup, added reconditioning of fuel tank and pump/filter, collar, replacement to scope


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