Dynamometer Testing Release

Chassis Dynamometer testing is the most accurate way of determining horsepower and overall drive train performance with an engine in the vehicle. The vehicle being tested must operate at wide-open throttle for 5-10 seconds to perform an accurate sweep. Generally, the dynamometer test is easier on the drive-train than a wide open throttle test on the street.

As in any performance test, there is the possibility of failure of an engine or drive train component. Torqqe Performance is not responsible for any failure during or after any Chassis Dynamometer test. This includes engine damage, chassis and suspension damage, or drive train components. Engine damage or failure is rare and typically from poor quality parts or poor engine assemble. We reserve the right to refuse to test any vehicle we do not deem fit to test. The release of engine oil or coolant from engine onto dyno floor will result in a $150.00 clean up fee.

Customers are not permitted in the Chassis Dynamometer area while testing is in session. Customer assumes all risk of injury that may occur during testing.--

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